• Daewoo KOR6L77 Manual Microwave Oven in White

    The Daewoo KOR6L77, finished in White, has a 20 litre capacity and 700W microwave power output, with features such as 7 power levels, along with a 35 dual speed timer, and a dual wave system to ensure even cooking results.
    Price includes delivery so no hidden costs!
  • Panasonic NNK181MMBPQ Microwave Oven with Grill

    For a compact Microwave that browns, crisps and toasts like an ordinary Grill, the Panasonic NNK181MMBPQ Grill Microwave is the ideal solution. In combination mode, the oven combines Microwave energy with the Grill to give browned and crisp results in a fraction of the time taken by conventional cooking. The instant heat of the quartz Grill quickly browns and cooks all traditionally grilled foods including toast, bacon and sausages. The variable power Grill also offers 3 settings - high, medium and low to suit all types of foods.
    Price includes delivery so no hidden costs!

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